Our History

In 2020, founders Kate Fraser and Brad Rudover created and launched Scrap University and began offering their Certified Scrap Metal Professional (CSMP) Boot Camp to lessen the daily challenges businesses face when training metal identification and upgrades.

Having come from the industry, both are personally familiar with every facet of the scrap metal business, from running a yard to brokering sales. Recognizing the opportunity to help the scrap industry, Kate, and Brad, with their combined insight and experience, began to move forward with a project that would allow them to support businesses. The goal was simple, give back to the scrap metal industry by increasing knowledge by 1% through a standard training program.

Giving back to the industry through sharing knowledge is the primary objective. ‘While we recognize that most businesses consider their information proprietary, we also acknowledge that the scrap industry has traditionally been uncooperative about sharing knowledge.’ The information collected through the experiences of the faculty is accurate, transparent, and comprehensive. As such, it is extremely valuable to any organization interested in improving employee skills and profitability. Packaging the content into an online format (video, pictures, and text) has allowed Scrap University to share knowledge with the entire industry on a global scale.

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