Used Beverage Containers: UBC [Talc]

  • Description
    • Used Beverage Containers are typically referred to as UBC. This material is just what it says, aluminum beverage containers. Aluminum food containers should be removed as they will bring down the quality.  Often residual moisture remains in the container resulting in a moisture deduction at the smelter. 
  • Upgrade potential 
    • In some cases, the tabs from the cans can be removed and upgraded to tough/taboo. 
  • ISRI definition
    • Talc Post-Consumer Aluminum Can Scrap
      • Shall consist of old aluminum food and/or beverage cans. The material is to be free of other scrap metals, foil, tin cans, plastic bottles, paper, glass, and other non-metallic items. Variations to this specification should be agreed upon prior to shipment between the buyer and seller.