Painted Aluminum Siding [Tale]

  • Description
    • Painted Aluminum Siding [Tale] is just that, siding from houses along with gutters and downspouts. It often arrives mixed in with Old Aluminum [Taint/Tabor]; however, if large amounts of this material enter a facility, it would be worthwhile to separate it, as painted siding will earn a premium over Old Aluminum [Taint/Tabor].
  • Upgrade potential
    • Depending on the source, and the current market, clean aluminum sheet may be upgraded to New Aluminum [tough/taboo].
  • ISRI definition
    • Tale Painted Siding
      • Shall consist of clean, low copper aluminum siding scrap, painted one or two sides, free of plastic coating, iron, dirt, corrosion, fiber, foam, or fiberglass backing or other non-metallic items.