Canadian Association of Recycling Industries

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Reasons to become a CARI member:

  • Scrap University Member Savings (CARI members receive over 25% discount on all courses)
  • Cost-saving services
  • Lobbying
  • Communications
  • Resources
  • Networking opportunities

CARI member organizations agree to:

  • Protect people and the environment in conjunction with sustainable economic development
  • Ensure all employees understand and are able to fulfill their safety and environmental responsibilities
  • Design and operate facilities based on efficient use of energy, resources, and materials
  • Not willingly buy stolen materials and to work with law enforcement agencies to help recover stolen materials
  • Comply with all legal requirements related to operations and products 
  • Refrain from making false or misleading statements about its products
  • Work directly or through CARI with governments and the public to develop equitable and attainable recycling standards

I want to become a CARI member

 Founded in 1941, the Canadian Association of Recycling Industries (CARI) represents a broad range of companies in the recycling sector, from small family scrapyards to capital-intensive industrial plants that process, broker, and consume recyclable commodities. 

Visit our website for more details  and membership information. 

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